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Superled-3 SWZmix module for Duo is a special version of Superled-3 SW4T module.
The traditional Progression1 level has been replaced by the new Zmix level where the twin LEDs progression light is mixed with Micro-zoom light.
Zmix level provides an additional 10° spot of 1000 candles for a better vision at medium and low distances.
Turnig up the switch is still available the single Micro-zoom light at full 5000 candeles to be used as depht light.

Some important pratical advantages of Zmix level are:
- Easier progression analysis in exposed steps.
- More visibility in tunnels and in narrow passages.
- 1000 candles spot avoids continuos switching of micro-zoom to see more details.
- Increased general security in cave progression.

This is a summary of light levels for Superled-3 Zmix module:
Progression light
- Level 1 - Zmix: 100 Lumen diffused light 100° + 50 Lumen Micro-zoom 1000 candles 10° spot - 10 hours autonomy (4 AA alkaline)
- Level 2 - Progression2: 50 Lumen only diffused light 100° - 30 hours autonomy (4 AA alkaline)
- Level 3 - Emergency: 3 Lumen only diffused light 100° - 200 hours autonomy (4 AA alkaline)
- Level 'T' - Mastrel-Test: (battery test with luminous pulses)
- Level 4 - Max power: 300 Lumen only diffused light 100° - 4 hours autonomy (4 AA alkaline)
Depth light
- Micro-zoom: 5000 candles - 4 hours autonomy (4 AA alkaline)

Forra Lucia - Prato - Italy

Now also available Double Maxi Illuminator with 30° spot e and 100° diffused light

Single ultracompact 150 x 65 x 35 mm aluminium case with:
Switch 1: Spot 2500 Lumen - Off - Spot 700 lumen
Switch 2: Diffused 2500 Lumen - Off - Diffused 700 lumen
Spot and diffused lights can be combined togheter.

Maxi 30 Li-Ion Illuminator

The Maxi 30 is designed to give the maximum brightness in video shooting but also a tremendous help for the photos in large galleries. Its 30° spot is a perfect complement to diffused light provided from conventional Maxi Illuminator.

Here are the main features:
- New Superled matrix with a light output of 2500 lumens .
- Additional optics that increases the depth of illumination with a light beam of 30°.
- 80 minutes autonomy.
- Internal Li-Ion rechargeable battery pack with the slot for external charger.
- Complete with battery charger, 110/220 Volt adapter and 12 Volt car adapter.

New Superled SE module for Duo Petzl

This module can substitute the couple Superled for Duo + Micro-Zoom for Duo.
Superled SE has the same baseplate and the same LED of Superled-3 modules family.
The progression light has 1 light level at 120 lumen without SW electronics. Micro-zoom is the same of Superled-3 family
The result is a lower cost module that still remains powerful with a very nice look.
Also availeable Superled HSE version with hybrid progression light (4500°K) and Superled WSE version with warm-white progression light (3000°K).

Maxi Illuminator Li-Ion

The new Maxi Illuminator is actually the top of Mastrel illuminators family.
A 12 Superled matrix provides a diffused light of 2500 Lumens that means the same light of 3 normal ultracompact illuminators!
It is intended for use in big caves but the 2 level switch can reduce the light to 600 Lumens for smaller environments.
The autonomy with new Li-Ion Batteries is 80 minutes.

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